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deep state mari stull

Deep State Weaponizing Leaks Against Trump Appointee Mari Stull

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart News, June 24, 2018Career State Department staff are leaking to friends in the press and House Democrats to undermine a...
#QAnon intel psyop

#QAnon Exposed as An Intel Psyop

By Suzie Dawson   The Thread Reader   May 26, 2018 After more than 6 months of watching people get scammed by the #QAnon phenomena, I'm going...
Uranium One Scandal

Just What Is This Uranium One Scandal All About?

Not only the Clintons are implicated in a uranium deal with the Russians that compromised national-security interests.Let’s put the Uranium One scandal in perspective:...
Surveillance State

The Black-Box Surveillance State

Citizens in Baltimore fought back when they found out police were using aerial surveillance to map people’s movements.In Chicago, every person arrested over the...
Retracts Russiagate story

New York Times Finally Retracts Russiagate Story

A founding Russia-gate myth is that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that Russia hacked into and distributed Democratic emails, a falsehood that The...

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