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maria butina hoax

The Arrest of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax

By Paul Craig Roberts,, July 21, 2018 The Guardian Neswspaper, which once was an honest newspaper that spoke for the British working class has...
media signals open season

Media Signals Open Season on the Families of Trump Officials

By James P. Pinkerton, The American Conservative, July 2018When this Baby Boomer was going to elementary school in the 1960s, the schoolyard rule was...
lunatic politics part 2

Lunatic Politics (Part 2): Impossible to Have a Conversation

By Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg, July 20, 2018More and more people are becoming aware of and concerned about the level of political dialogue going...
crazed US Presstitutes

Crazed US Presstitutes Drive the World to Nuclear War

Paul Craig Roberts,, July 18, 2018 Humanity has on numerous occasions narrowly missed nuclear Armageddon. Each time it was averted by military officers, both...
james comey vote democrat

James Comey: Vote Democrat or You’re a Traitor

Former FBI Director James Comey implied anyone who doesn’t vote for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections is a traitor in a tweet Tuesday...
washingtons russophobia

Washington’s Russophobia

US president Donald Trump is in Helsinki for a one-on-one (plus translators), no-advisers-allowed meeting with Russian premier Vladimir Putin. And seemingly everyone is convinced...
us media trump putin

US Media Is Losing Mind over Trump-Putin Press Conference

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News, July 16, 2018The reaction of the U.S. establishment media and several political leaders to President Donald Trump’s press conference...
racist left

The Racist Left

Leftist ideologues live in an alternate universe, a product of their hallucinations of an America that does not exist except in their own demented...

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