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trump slams twitters shadow banning

Trump Slams Twitter’s Shadow Banning of Prominent Republicans

Jack Dorsey may have pushed his apparent anti-conservative agenda just a little too far after evidence mounts - even among the liberal media -...
mueller digging tweets

Mueller Digging Through Trump Tweets to Make Obstruction Case

President Trump's famous (or infamous) tweets have now fallen under the investigatory lens of special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the ever-ongoing probe...
deep state god bless

Washington Post Redux: God Bless The Deep State

Authored by Duane Norman via Free Market Shooter blog,Last Thursday, Eugene Robinson – MSNBC analyst and writer for the Washington Post – published a column criticizing President Trump for failing to side with...
Ben Rhodes World

Ben Rhodes’ World: Hypocrisy in Obama’s Foreign Policy

By As'ad AbuKhalil, Consortium News, July 25, 2018Ben Rhodes’ interesting new book, The World as It is: A Memoir of the Obama White House (Random...
cnn releases trump cohen recording

CNN Leaks Confidential Trump-Cohen Recording

The attorney for President Trump's former longtime personal attorney has given CNN a copy of a secretly recorded conversation between Trump and Cohen, in...
trumps realignment

Trump’s Working Class, Conservative, Populist Realignment

The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics, Salena Zito and Brad Todd, Crown Forum, 309 pagesBonnie Smith is a 63-year-old bakery...
Comey Socialist Left

Comey Begs Fellow Democrats to Dump Socialist Left

Establishment Democrats are absolutely melting down over the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic Socialist who defeated the 4th most powerful Democrat in Congress in...
blue pill presidency

The Blue Pill Presidency

By Jennifer Matsui, Counter Punch, July 22, 2018Who would have predicted that in 2018, the FBI, the CIA, John McCain, Jeff Bezos, and now...
media tool

Media Tool: Foundations of American National Security Are under Assault

Authored by Tom Luongo,The First U.S. Civil War is here. The real Civil War.The one between 'We the People' and the Government itself.The U.S. Civil...

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