Below, we offer our readers coverage and analysis of various individuals and events that influence public policies in local, state, national, and international governments. The institutions which affect governments include agencies, elected and appointed individuals, as well as outside interests such as lobbyists, contractors, and foreign entities and their officials.

The main objective of our coverage is to reveal and expose the hidden goals of both known and unknown officials. Many times, the real objective of these individuals is to alter public policy in ways and means that have negative consequences for the very citizens who need honest representation and protection.

We believe that providing insightful and thorough examinations of the people, events, and policies of governments will give you a greater understanding of The Deep State and its consequences.

Please explore the comprehensive content here and let us know your thoughts. We update our archives daily to assure our readers that they have the latest information about how The Deep State impacts governments worldwide. Thank you!


deep state real

The Deep State Is Real, and Much Bigger Than You Know

By Derek Hunter   Townhall   May 20, 2018I used to be a doubter who would cringe, just a little, at any mention of “the deep state.”...
Roger Stone

Roger Stone: I Don’t Believe the DNC Was Hacked

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone said Sunday that he does not believe the Democratic National Committee was hacked during the 2016 campaign."I don't even...
FISA Authority

Senator Grassley Asks Rosenstein If He Gave Mueller Independent FISA Authority

By Conservative Tree House   Sundance   May 19, 2018Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has sent a letter (full pdf below) and list of questions to Asst. Attorney...
Obama Administration

In the Obama Administration, Two Standards of Justice

We wuz robbed. That’s the theme Democrats and their media allies are working hard to cement into conventional wisdom. And robbed in a very specific...

May The Better Liar Win: How Democracy Ended (w/video)

What killed democracy was constant lying to the public, by politicians whose only way to win national public office is to represent the interests of the...
obamas legacy

Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed

By Andrew Sullivan   Daily Intelligencer   May 19, 2018In one respect, it seems to me, the presidency of Donald Trump has been remarkably successful. In 17 months,...

Democrats Turn to Socialism Is Ominous Sign for the Party, and for the Country

Big Left Turn: Are socialists becoming the new Democratic Party mainstream? After candidates endorsed by the socialist party won nomination battles for state legislative...
religion of racism

The Religion of Racism

Religion of racism isn’t unique to America. It stinks of the soured beliefs of liberal religious denominations, their loss of faith in God and...

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