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ocasio cortez wealthy enclave

Socialist Icon Ocasio-Cortez Actually Grew Up in Wealthy Enclave

The Democratic Party's rising socialist icon - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been on an intense media junket since her upset primary victory over establishment Democrat...
phase 2 tax plan

Trump Says He Is Working on Phase 2 of Tax Plan

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo has another interview with President Trump dropping on Sunday - but in a tweet sent Friday afternoon, she revealed...
progressives immigration

Progressives Should Back Up Their Rhetoric on Immigration

By Victor David Hanson, National Review, June 28, 2018Liberals, invite illegal aliens to live in your communities.There are lots of short-term solutions to address...
globalists communists

EU Globalists and Chinese Communists to Protect New World Order

This article was written by Christian Gomez and originally published at The New AmericanOn Monday, European Union leaders announced that officials from the EU and...
gold standard

Returning to a Gold Standard

By Michael Kendall, Man on the Margin, June 26, 2018To understand gold requires first recognizing its proper orientation. Gold is unlike any other commodity,...
deep state export import bank

Trump Reviving Deep State Export Import Bank?

By Christian Gomez, The New American, June 24, 2018The White House announced Wednesday that President Trump nominated Kimberly Reed to be the new president...
immigration human right

Mexico’s Next President: Immigration to the US Is a Human Right

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,Andrés Manuel López Obrador (otherwise known as “AMLO”) is about to become the next president of...
soros steams

Soros Steams: Trump’s Revolution in World Affairs Is Succeeding

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,Soros is lamenting that his desired world order is under threat because of Trump.Expressing frustration that “everything that...

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