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Global Economy

How China Plans to Dominate the Global Economy: Copy America

Even if the ongoing trade negotiations between China and the United States don’t look like a “trade war,” they certainly can be interpreted to...
Energy Subsidies

Draining the Swamp Does Not Include Energy Subsidies

As a matter of policy, President Barack Obama set the destruction of the coal industry in his sights and was unfortunately efficient in executing...
US China Trade War

US-China Trade War On Hold, but NAFTA Still Far Apart

In what looks to us like confirmation that the US has officially kicked the can down the road, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday...

Here’s Why Californians Pay Way More For Gasoline Than Everyone Else

The price of a gallon of gas costs dramatically more in California than in the rest of the country for a variety of reasons,...

Is Russia About to Abandon the OPEC Deal?

OPEC and Russia are meeting in a little more than a month to discuss the progress of their oil production deal and what’s next....
ceo pay

Is It Time For a Revolt On CEO Pay?

It’s a game of corporate leapfrog, where everyone gets richer - except those who pay the bills. But that’s still not the biggest problem. Is It...
hungarys border wall

Driving Soros Nuts: Hungary’s Successful Multi-Layer Border Wall

It is well-known that Hungary put up a border fence, but how does it really work to keep migrants out? It appears to be...
fossil fuel funds

Fossil Fuel Funds Have Unlikely Investors: Environmental Icons

By Sasha Chavkin   International Consortium of Investigative Journalists   May 17, 2018From a 34-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton to a herd of taxidermy...
Democrats Worry

Democrat Worry Trump Will Win Over Economy

Democrats are growing worried that the strong economy, and President Trump’s messaging about his economic stewardship, will help Republicans in this year’s midterm elections...
Big Pharma

Big Pharma Gets a Big Win From Trump

During the 2016 presidential campaign, one candidate famously claimed that drug companies were “getting away with murder”—using armies of lobbyists to influence Congress and...

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