Map: Waffle House Locations with Views of the Solar Eclipse


Map: Waffle House Locations With Views of the Solar Eclipse

By Jaime Green, Lifehacker, August 11, 2017


The upcoming total solar eclipse is a major event for astronomers, but the lead-up to the big day is a cartographer’s dream. From the simple slash of the path of totality to historical cloud cover to crowd-predicting “drivesheds,” geographers, cartographers, and data-visualization nerds are having a field day providing crucial information to the sky-gazing masses… and some perhaps not-quite-as-crucial information as well.

Behold “The Eclipse: Smothered and Covered,” a map of Waffle House locations in the path of the total eclipse:

While a Waffle House parking lot might not be the most picturesque spot for viewing a rare celestial alignment, at least you won’t have to do it on an empty stomach.

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