Ten Alleged Top Secret Military Bases

top secret bases

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top secret bases

Most of us have heard of Area 51, where top secret “flying saucers” are kept, even live aliens depending on your source, but there are many equally dramatic but lesser-known areas of top secret, off-limits activity. By their very nature, secret bases are not spoken about openly. Officially, they don’t exist, or at the very least, the activities taking place at certain locations are vastly different than what is officially stated.

While the vast majority of this list may need to be read with a pinch of salt, the following claims are nonetheless intriguing and most definitely alluring to the part of one’s brain that, in terms of the authenticity of the claims, asks the question, “but what if . . . ?”

10 Base AL/499

Most of what we “know” about Base AL/499, claimed to be 60 meters (200 ft) below the small English village of Peasemore in the Berkshire countryside, comes from apparent whistle-blower James Casbolt. Casbolt claims his family has both high-ranking intelligence and Illuminati connections, and because of this, he says he was “born into” a top-secret program that operates out of the underground facility, called Project Mannequin.[1]

According to Casbolt, Project Mannequin is primarily a cloning operation geared toward creating super soldiers, but it also operates MKULTRA-style mind control programs that create highly trained and unknowing (even to themselves) assassins. Although it is based and operated from the United Kingdom, it connects to similar secret operations in the United States, and ultimately, those in charge of the program answer to the NSA.

Casbolt further claims that while he entered the program through his family connections—even elaborating that he had been part of an Illuminati-controlled assassination team—many others were kidnapped and forced into it against their will, being used as “civilian guinea pigs.”


9 Camp 13

In a recent Listverse article about claims of recovered alien craft, we looked at the Kalahari Incident, which supposedly involved a downed UFO being recovered by the South African military (with two alien beings to boot) before being passed on to their American counterparts. However, according to the story, a third alien being was kept by the South African military and taken to their own top-secret facility.

If there is any truth to the account, then it is perhaps this secret base that was of as much concern to the South African military as it was the ruined alien craft. Camp 13 is said to be somewhere in the Kalahari Desert.[2] Its exact location isn’t known, and aside from the alleged hosting of extraterrestrial beings, the general rumor is that high-tech laser weapon tests are carried out there.

According to some UFO researchers based in South Africa, UFO sightings are much more common than are reported (even today), and rumors of other bases, similar in nature to the alleged Camp 13, are rife.

8 Top Secret UFO Response Team Based In Wales

According to journalist Derrick Gough, as far back as the 1980s, the UK and US governments were operating a top-secret program out of a base in Wales’s Brecon Beacons mountains, geared toward the recovery of mutilated human bodies which had been subjected to alien abduction and experimentation.[3]Gough quickly realized the files he had been given by his military whistle-blower source were of a serious nature—a point rammed home to him by the several threatening phone calls he received after he contacted the police about the files and even further so by the fire at his office. He would pass the information and files to UFO researcher Tony Dodd, who made contact with Gough’s source and brought the incident to the public in his 1999 book, Alien Investigations.

According to Dodd’s further investigation, the base and response team that operated out of it was set up as a top secret UK/US venture by the administrations of Thatcher and Reagan, respectively. The team was available to be dispatched around the clock and would receive prior warning of incoming UFOs and the often grim cargo. As well as recovering the mutilated bodies and hiding them away from the public, they would also seal off an area before an operation was underway, ensuring that there were no prying eyes.

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This post was originally published on Lew Rockwell.