Trump Hits NY Times, WaPo over Released Lynch/Clinton Emails

lynch clinton emails

This post was originally published on The Hill.

President Trump hit The New York Times and The Washington Post on Tuesday, claiming that a batch of emails released last week show the newspapers’ “reluctance” to cover a private meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

“E-mails show that the AmazonWashingtonPost and the FailingNewYorkTimes were reluctant to cover the Clinton/Lynch secret meeting in plane,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The documents were released Friday by the American Center for Law and Justice, a nonprofit led by one of Trump’s personal attorneys Jay Sekulow.

The emails released include one from the Times’ Mark Landler, in which he says he has “been pressed into service to write about” the meeting between Clinton and Lynch.

“I’m a White House correspondent at the NYT, and I’ve been pressed into service to write about the questions being raised by the Attorney General’s meeting with Bill Clinton,” he wrote.

Another email from the Post’s Matt Zapotosky shows the reporter asking for a follow-up conversation with Justice Department officials on the matter.

“Any chance one of you could give me a call for another, hopefully quick, conversation on this AG-Clinton meeting?” he wrote. “My editors are still pretty interested in it, and I’m hoping I can put it to rest by answering just a few more questions about how the meeting came about…”

To be sure, both newspapers covered Lynch’s private meeting with Clinton in June 2016.

This post was originally published on The Hill.