Iraq Military Attacks Kurdish Held Kirkuk

Iraq Military Attacks Kurdish

This post was originally published on The American Spectator.


UPDATE 9:14 pm EST: If this is true, it’s shameful.


Iraqi government with U.S. military training and equipment advances on the Peshmerga-held Kirkuk seeking to retake oil fields and airports. Extra fun: Iran’s military strategists are helping the Iraqi forces. These are the guys who just got labeled as terrorists:

Meanwhile, the Kurds, also trained by Americans and with American equipment defend Kirkuk from the Iraqi government.

Kirkuk’s governor asked all citizens to take up arms against the Iraqi government.

When the Kurds had their referendum, that act provoked the Iraqi government. However, the Kurd strength already makes Iran and Iraq leadership nervous.

So the Iraqi government advances and the Peshmerga are smacking their noses for the time being:

As of this writing, American pilots are preventing the Iraqi government from flying over Kirkuk.

Looks like Turkmen are involved, too:

David Petreaus warned of this:

Updates as they come. For now, America is going to have take sides. You can thank Obama for pulling forces out of Iraq. Now we have this FUBAR situation. First, it was #ISIS and now, it’s Iran militias running the Iraqi army.

This post was originally published on The American Spectator.