Below, we offer our readers coverage and analysis of various officials and developments that influence public policies affecting science/technology. The institutions which affect science/technology developments include agencies, elected and appointed individuals, as well as outside influences such as lobbyists, contractors, and foreign entities involved research and development.

The main objective of our coverage is to reveal and expose the hidden goals of both known and unknown officials. Many times, the real objective of these individuals is to alter public policy in ways and means that have negative consequences for the very citizens who need honest representation and protection.

We believe that providing insightful and thorough examinations of the people, events, and policies of the science and technology communities will provide you with a greater understanding of The Deep State and its consequences.

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Overpopulation Hoax

Is Overpopulation a Horrible Hoax or Our Destiny?

By Walter E. Williams   May 31, 2017 In 1798, Thomas Malthus wrote “An Essay on the Principle of Population.” He predicted that mankind’s birthrate would outstrip our...
Uber Fired Engineer

Uber Just Fired Engineer at Center of Legal Battle with Google

 Uber has fired Anthony Levandowski, the former head of its self-driving car program, over his refusal to cooperate in its legal battle against Waymo.Uber...
Social Justice

Mixing Math and Social Justice

By Jim Goad   Taki Magazine   May 22, 2017 Piper Harron is an unhappy-looking black woman whose mood would be greatly improved if white male math...
Polar Ice Retreat

Despite Hysteria ‘Global Warming’ Isn’t Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Updated NASA data is showing that “global warming” is not causing any type of polar ice retreat. The ice caps have not receded one bit...
Paris Agreement

Scientific Argument Against the Paris Agreement

By Patrick J. Michaels   The Hill   May 25, 2017Last May, Donald Trump vowed to “cancel the Paris climate agreement.” It was a scripted remark in...

Ransomware and the Internet of Things

Ransomware and the Internet of Things By New York Times   May 29, 2017As devastating as the latest widespread ransomware attacks have been, it's a...
Pope Bloomberg Global Warming

The Pope and Bloomberg of Global Warming

The Pope and Bloomberg of Global Warming By Norman Rogers   The American Thinker   May 25, 2017Michael Bloomberg, according to Forbes, is the 10th richest man in the...
Foreign Students

Trump Administration Proposal Would Increase University Dependence on Foreign Students

Trump Administration Proposal Would Increase University Dependence on Foreign Students May 27, 2017   MatloffAmong the many cuts in President Trump’s proposed budget are reductions for the...

Why Are Greens Afraid of Clean Nuclear Power?

Why Are Global Warming Alarmists Afraid Of Nuclear Power?May 23, 2017 By Robert Tracinski (The Federalist)In the New York Times, David Leonhardt...
Vaccine Advice

German Kindergartens to Name Parents Who Refuse Vaccine Advice

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany will pass a law next week obliging kindergartens to inform the authorities if parents fail to provide evidence that they...

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