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Cultural Marxism

Is Cultural Marxism A Conspiracy Theory?

A common allusion that you will see made on various right-leaning political websites (and some that have gone far beyond leaning to the right)...

Algorithms: Fake News and Consequences of Social Media’s Focus on Quantity over Quality

Algorithms: Fake News and Consequences of Social Media's Focus on Quantity over Quality By Robert Thomson  Fox News   June 15, 2017Facebook to hire additional...
deep state hannity

Trump Promotes Hannity’s Deep State Monologue

President Trump shared a tweet from Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday promoting the conservative commentator's monologue focusing on taking action against "deep...

The Fallacies of the ‘Russia-Truthers’

Exclusive: The anti-Russia hysteria – now rivaling past Red Scares with Russians hiding under every bed – has led to factual errors in press...
Mexican Journalists

Murder of Mexican Journalists Points to U.S. Role in Fueling Drug War Violence

One month ago, the award-winning journalist Javier Valdez was pulled from his car and killed in broad daylight near his office in Culiacán, in...
corporate media

Corporate Media Continues to Torch Its Reputation

Last December, I noted the following in the post, ‘Then We Will Fight in the Shade’ – A Guide to Winning the Media Wars: It is...
Oliver Stone Defends Trump

Oliver Stone Defends Trump against Deep State (w/video)

Joining Fox New’s Tucker Carlson Thursday night, American filmmaker Oliver Stone said attempts by the U.S. government to stir anti-Russia sentiment and investigations into...
Fake News Media

Fake News Media Have Blood on Their Hands (w/video)

Fake News Media Have Blood on Their HandsBy Lloyd Marcus   Canada Free Press   June 15, 2017I heard Rush Limbaugh say things are looking...

Putin, Ukraine and What Americans Know

In an interview with Oliver Stone, Russian President Putin explained his take on the Ukraine crisis, one that contrasts with what the U.S. mainstream...
times publishes lies

New York Times Publishes Lies to Hide Own Culpability

New York Times Publishes Despicable Lies to Hide Own CulpabilityBy Thomas Lifson   American Thinker   June 15, 2017The New York Times editorial today...

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