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Conservative Media

FEC Shoots Down Democrat’s Plan to Target Conservative Media

FEC Shoots Down Democrat’s Plan to Target Conservative MediaBy Colin Madine   Breitbart   July 16, 2017The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has declined a...
deep state rulers

Deep State Rulers: Oust Trump, Start World War With Russia

Behind the sensational Western media coverage now linking the US president’s son to alleged Russian collusion in the American election, the real euphoria stems...
documents hacked

Was Trump Jr Given Documents Hacked by Russian Spies Just before Guccifer Release?

By Emily Crane and Nikki Schwab and Alana Goodman,, July 15, 2017The infamous meeting Donald Trump Jr. held with Russians at Trump Tower last year came just days before a hacker...
Mysterious Jim

Mysterious Jim, Paris Pal of President Trump

The AP released a story where it says that President Trump’s guide to Paris is Jim (NLN). The wire claims no one has got...
Neocns Enslist

Neocons Enlist in Anti-Trump #Resistance

Exclusive: The neocons, who have influenced U.S. foreign policy since the 1980s, inflicting grave damage on U.S. interests and the world, are reinventing themselves...

Tucker Carlson Is Doing Something Extraordinary (w/video )

Over the last two nights, something fascinating has broken out on the Tucker Carlson show: genuine, exceedingly bitter, debate between conservatives on foreign policy. On...

Sanctuary Cities of Defiance: Rockville Rape Case

For a few weeks this winter, the biggest immigration news came not from Washington, D.C., but one of its affluent suburbs—Rockville, Maryland. Two Hispanic...

Is Advertising Free Speech?

We are led to believe that standing up for the Constitution and limiting the tax burden on citizens were Republican tenets. Unfortunately, members of...

Magnitsky Myth: The Case of Lawyer Veselnitskaya and the Embargoed Documentary

Exclusive: A documentary debunking the Magnitsky myth, which was an opening salvo in the New Cold War, was largely blocked from viewing in the West...
Free Speech North Carolina

Free Speech Sweeps through North Carolina Campuses

 By Will Nardi, Campus Reform, July 12, 2017 A total of six colleges in North Carolina have recently earned the highest “green light” rating from...

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