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the new cold war

Glenn Greenwald on the New Cold War

Glenn Greenwald: I’m Glenn Greenwald, sitting in this week for Jeremy Scahill, and I’m coming to you from The Intercept in Brazil. This is...
lorene powell jobs

Steve Jobs’ Widow Takes Majority Stake in The Atlantic

Laurene Powell Jobs is taking a majority stake in The Atlantic, positioning the philanthropist and widow of Steve Jobs to become the sixth owner...
deep state pravda

The Deep State Has Spoken: Russia Must Die

The Deep State Has Spoken: Russia Must Die By Nancy O'Brien Simpson, Pravda, July 25, 2017It is hard to overstate the no-holds-barred media assassination of all things...
cia blames media

CIA Director Blames Media for Leaks from Intelligence Community

The media’s “insatiable demand” for leaks is prompting the US intelligence community to anonymously disclose government secrets, according to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who...
Bill Browder

Democrats Use Parliamentary Trick to Block Key Witness against Fusion GPS

Democrats Use Parliamentary Trick to Block Key Witness against Fusion GPS By Brooke Singman, Fox News, July 26, 2017 Senate Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver Wednesday...
western values are superior

Walter Williams: Western Values Are Superior

Here’s part of President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland: “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive....
mooch the merciless

Mooch The Merciless Terminates First Suspected White House Leaker

Just days after newly appointed White House Communications Director Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci took up his position, he is laying down the law, telling Politico...
New York Times vs. Fox News

Cage Match: New York Times vs. Fox News

The Associated Press reports on an epic conflict from the world of journalism: “No apology from Fox in its battle with The New York...
putting people at risk

Putting People at Risk: Assange Lawyer Criticizes New Documentary

The recently released documentary on the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, called “Risk,” compromises the security of those who appeared in the movie, Assange’s lawyer...
Lavrov NBC

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Embarrasses Inept NBC in Exclusive Interview

Foreign Minister Lavrov Embarrasses Inept NBC in Exclusive InterviewPublished at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation, July 21, 2107  Question: Minister, thank you very much...

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