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media lose

When Trump Sticks to His Agenda, He Wins — and the Media Lose

When Trump Sticks to His Agenda, He Wins -- and the Media LoseBy Eddie Scarry   Washington Examiner   August 6, 2017There's no clearer pattern in...
stephen miller

Trump Eyes Stephen Miller for Communications Director Role

The White House may appoint a senior policy adviser with hardline views on immigration, who recently sparred with reporters in a televised briefing, as...
anti populist sessions

Anti-Populist Jeff Sessions Threatens the First Amendment

When you take a look at which issues Jeff Sessions gets most passionate about (asset forfeiture, drug war foolishness, cracking down on media), there’s...
smartphones destroyed

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?By Jean M. Twenge, The Atlantic, August 3, 2017 One day last summer, around noon, I called Athena, a 13-year-old who...
war on wikileaks

The War on WikiLeaks and Assange

Helping government authorities discredit Julian Assange and destroy WikiLeaks, mainstream media outlets twisted a recent interview to make Assange look like a Donald Trump...
comey book deal

Former FBI Chief James Comey Signs $2 Million Book Deal

James Comey's book promises to 'give us unprecedented entry into the corridors of power', says his publisher.James Comey, the former director of the FBI...
driving the media insane

Trump’s Intended Consequences: Driving the Media Insane

Trump's Intended Consequences: Driving the Media Insane By David Prentice   American Thinker   August 4, 2017Most Trump supporters have a list of reasons for...
zuckerbergs hires

Zuckerberg’s Recent Hires Tell Us a Lot about His Left Leanings

Increasingly, a number of influential people in Silicon Valley seem to think that Mark Zuckerberg will likely run for president of the United States one day....
Right Wing Media

Right Wing Media Declares War on National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster

The right-wing media ecosystem kicked into hyperdrive on Thursday declaring war on President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.The siege against the general...
White House Bible Studies

MSM Already Gearing Up to Smear White House Bible Studies

The reaction of the sniping mainstream media to White House Bible study should make it clear that the best way to study the Holy...

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