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anti israel academics

Anti-Israel Academics Launch Campus Antifa Group for Faculty

 Prominent anti-Israel academics launched a campus antifa group earlier this month for faculty across the United States.Purdue University's Bill Mullen and Stanford University's David...
cnn changes headline

CNN Changes Headline After Antifa Complains (w/video)

CNN news changed a headline Sunday of a story on the Antifa movement after members of the group complained, according to the agency’s own...
NYT Is ‘Peddling’ False Information

EPA Claims NYT Is ‘Peddling’ False Information About Pruitt’s Decision Not to Ban Pesticide

The Environmental Protection Agency accused The New York Times Saturday of misrepresenting the agency’s ruling on a pesticide environmentalist believe causes various health problems.TheNYT reported...
Maher Free Speech

Bill Maher: Free Speech Under Attack from Right and the Left’s Anti-Free Speech Brigade

Bill Maher: Free Speech Under Attack from Right and the Left's Anti-Free Speech BrigadePosted By Ian Schwartz   Real Clear Politics    August 19,...
MGM to Match Employee Donations

MGM to Match Employee Donations to Civil Rights Groups

 One of the largest employers in Nevada is launching a donation match program benefiting civil rights organizations in light of the deadly Charlottesville protests.MGM...
usc equine mascot

Black Student Assembly: USC Equine Mascot Possibly Racist

The Black Student Assembly (BSA) at USC claims the school’s equine mascot, Traveler, could have ties to racist ideology. BSA bases this claim on the...
Google Working with Liberal Groups

Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?

Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?By Paula Bolyard   PJ Media   August 20, 2017Google revealed in a blog post that it...
Media Bias

Media Bias Can No Longer Be Reasonably Denied

The news media wants to tie everything it can to the Charlottesville attack.  Wolf Blitzer was worried just a couple of hours after yesterday’s...
zuckerberg presidency

A Mark Zuckerberg Presidency Isn’t Ridiculous—It’s Terrifying

Mark Zuckerberg is probably going to run for president. Speculation about the Facebook CEO’s political ambitions has been swirling ever since he embarked on...
russiagates evidentiary void

Despite Russiagate’s Evidentiary Void, NY Times Prattles On

Exclusive: A cyber-warfare expert sees no technical evidence linking Russia to the Democratic email releases, but The New York Times presses ahead with a...

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