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andrew mccabe leaked

DOJ to Cite Andrew McCabe as the Media Leak on Clinton Emails

By Peter Weber   The Week   March 2, 2018Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz says he will release an internal investigation into the...
war alternative information

The War against Alternative Information

From the Archive: The State Department is reportedly spending $40 million to bolster the Global Engagement Center’s efforts to crack down on “foreign propaganda.”...

I Bought My First Gun Because of the CNN Town Hall

After ten minutes of CNN’s town hall “debate” I had already searched for gun safes, the closet firearms dealer near me, classes on gun...
deep state sorry state

The Sorry State of the Deep State

By Judi McLeod   Canada Free Press   February 27, 2018No two stories relating to President Donald Trump and FORMER President Barack Obama, coming...
Arming Teachers

Why Does the Left Oppose Arming Teachers?

Why does the left oppose allowing a small number of highly trained teachers and other adults who work at schools to arm themselves? When...
Shooters Family

Media Finds Almost Twice as Many Calls About Alleged Shooter’s Family Than Sheriff Reported

Broward County Sheriff's received nearly twice as many calls about accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz or his brother between 2008 and 2017 than the...
gun confiscation

Protect Kids or Confiscate Guns?

By Patrick J. Buchanan, Lew, February 26, 2018 In days gone by, a massacre of students like the atrocity at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High...
Big Bot Conspiracy

American Media’s Big Bot Conspiracy Exposed

Bots. Is there anything they can’t do?The Internet Research Agency indictment accuses a troll bot farm of trying to influence the election in what...
Drew Griffin

UPDATE: CNN’s Drew Griffin Says School Shooting Survivor Colton Haab Is Lying

CNN’s Drew Griffin explicitly accused school shooting survivor Colton Haab of lying over the student’s claim that CNN wrote a question for him to recite...
Shooting Survivor

Florida Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Scripted Question After Refusing Question About Armed Guards

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night's town hall, but declined...

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