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Overthrow trump

Overthrow Trump? The Establishment Is Starting to Reassert

The shocker continues to fly. What does it say when the architect of your win believes you only stand a 30% chance of fulfilling...
cultural marxists

Cultural Marxists Target Classics as Dumbing Down of Children Accelerates

Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” won a Pulitzer Prize when it was released in 1960, and it is widely considered to be one...
Publishing Partisan Attacks

NY Times Asks Reporters to Please Refrain from Posting Partisan Attacks on Twitter

Days after James O'Keefe released his latest undercover video which took direct aim at the New York Times' Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, who...
October 18, 2017


bannon lashes vanity fair

Bannon Lashes Out at Vanity Fair as Trump Praises Former Chief Advisor

The original, populist, "grassroots" Trump, the one who won the elections before surrounding himself with various Goldman Sachs-derived advisors, made a solid comeback this...
Columbia University

Leftists Shut Down Speech by British Nationalist Speaker at Columbia University

On Tuesday, a Skype-in speech by British activist and campaigner Tommy Robinson to the Columbia University College Republicans was subject to a ‘heckler’s veto’...
President Reagan

President Reagan Was Mocked and Underestimated Too

Three decades ago, as communications director in the White House, I set up an interview for Bill Rusher of National Review.Among his first questions...
Media Tanking

Despite Subscription Booms, the Media Is Still Tanking

Journalism today is a crash site. Onlookers see the debris field and wonder what happened. In July, for example, 28-year-old Ross Barkan, a self-described...
pokemon go

CNN Claims Russia Used Pokémon Go to Influence Election

This has got to be some sort of mass social experiment to determine how stupid people are.CNN is reporting that Russian propagandists used the popular Pokémon...
weinsteins democratic hollywood establishment

Weinstein’s Deep Ties within Democratic Hollywood Establishment

A flood of testimony against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been exposed in the wake of the New York Times‘ release of an expose...

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