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mass media punditry dishonest

US Mass Media and Punditry Are a Dishonest, Militaristic Embarrassment

When it comes to U.S. presidents, experience has taught me to always assume the worst. Irrespective of what the winning candidate said on the...
truth endangered species

In the Western World Truth Is an Endangered Species

By Paul Craig Roberts   June 11, 2018 Nowhere in the Western world is truth respected. Even universities are imposing censorship and speech control. Governments...
great revolt trump voters

Salena Zito Explains the Great Revolt of Trump Voters

The presidential victory of Donald Trump in 2016 surprised many Americans. For more than a year, the public had been treated to a steady...
deep state alternative

Kim Dotcom Continues to Seek Alternative to Deep State Social Media

Taking to his official Twitter account on earlier this week, MEGA creator Kim Dotcom has now called on Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and the Chaos...
Trump Versus

Trump Versus the Media

The jobs report numbers for May were stunning: unemployment dropped to an 18-year low of 3.8 percent, an unexpected 223,000 non-farm jobs were added,...
Hickenlooper Democratic elites

Has Hickenlooper Been Anointed by the Democrat Elites?

By Steve Byers   The New American   June 9, 2018With speculation building as to which Democrats might challenge President Donald Trump in 2020,...
ex senate aide

Ex-Senate Aide Charged in Carter Page Leak from Reporters’ Seized Docs

By Adam Goldman-Nicolas Fandos-Katie Benner   The New York Times   June 8, 2018WASHINGTON — A former Senate Intelligence Committee aide was arrested on...
Labeling Opponents

The Dangers of Labeling Opponents as Enemies

In an opinion piece published last week in The Washington Post entitled “We are no longer capable of forgiving our enemies”, author Elizabeth Bruenig...
macron defying pc left

Macron Defines Good Citizenship by Defying the PC Left

The videotaped rescue last month of a young child dangling from a balcony in Paris is a story both dramatic and heart-warming. And, yes,...

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