Below, we offer our readers coverage and analysis of various officials and events that influence public policies affecting national and international intel/military operations, the spending thereof, and relationships with the Military Industrial Complex. The institutions which affect intel/military activities include agencies, elected and appointed individuals, as well as outside influences such as lobbyists, contractors, foreign entities and their officials.

The main objective of our coverage is to reveal and expose the hidden goals of these known and unknown officials. Many times, the true objective of these individuals (institutions) is to alter public policy in ways and means that have negative consequences for the very citizens who need honest representation and protection.

We believe providing insightful and thorough examinations of the people, events, and policies of the intelligence and military communities will give you a greater understanding of The Deep State and its consequences.

Please explore the comprehensive content here and let us know your thoughts. We update our archives daily to assure our readers that they have the latest information about how The Deep State impacts the intelligence and military industries. Thank you!


deep state moscow

US Contempt for Rule of Law: America’s Deep State Confronts Moscow

US Contempt for Rule of Law: America’s Deep State Confronts MoscowBy Stephen Lendman, Global Research, September 2, 2017Republican and undemocratic Democrats flagrantly breach international,...
State Department Reports Another Incident

UPDATE: State Department Reports Another ‘Ultrasonic’ Incident In Cuba (w/video)

The State Department says it is investigating another "incident" in June that injured U.S. diplomats in Cuba.The unspecified incident is now part of the...
netanyahus panic

The Reasons for Netanyahu’s Panic Over Syrian Losses

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing the panic button over the collapse of the Saudi-Israeli jihadist proxies in Syria and now threatening to launch...
deep state fbi

Ex Rep. Chaffetz Calls Out Deep State FBI for Not Releasing Clinton Docs

Ex Rep. Chaffetz Calls Deep State FBI for Not Releasing Clinton DocsBy Nick Givas, The Daily Caller, September 1, 2017 Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz...
Christopher Cantwell

Who Is Christopher Cantwell?

In the weeks after the controversial “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, a lot of attention has been drawn to an individual named Christopher Cantwell,...
Russian Twitter Bots

Russian Twitter Bots Troll NATO

Seventy percent of Russian-language tweets targeting NATO military activities in Eastern Europe are generated by automated Russian trolls, according to a survey done by...
Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul Threatens to Filibuster Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Renewal

Amidst the political chaos and confusion, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has not lost sight of what is important. He is threatening to filibuster over...
neocon creep

Neocon Creep and War Drums Beat

Those of us who closely observed, and tried to stop, the neoconservative takeover of the Presidency, and the nation’s security and intelligence leadership between...
Defense Departments Welfare State

Time to Terminate Defense Department’s Welfare State

The spectacle of South Korean president Moon Jae-in proclaiming that the United States cannot attack North Korea without his permission is an embarrassment for...
deep state victory

Russian Consulate Shutdown: Deep State Victory or Trump’s Attempt to Avoid Impeachment?

Russian Consulate Shutdown: Deep State Victory or Trump’s Attempt to Avoid Impeachment?By Op "Edge,", August 31, 2017While the closure of Russian diplomatic facilities...

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