Below, we offer our readers coverage and analysis of various individuals and events that influence public policies in local, state, national, and international governments. The institutions which affect governments include agencies, elected and appointed individuals, as well as outside interests such as lobbyists, contractors, and foreign entities and their officials.

The main objective of our coverage is to reveal and expose the hidden goals of both known and unknown officials. Many times, the real objective of these individuals is to alter public policy in ways and means that have negative consequences for the very citizens who need honest representation and protection.

We believe that providing insightful and thorough examinations of the people, events, and policies of governments will give you a greater understanding of The Deep State and its consequences.

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arrest progressive congressional candidate

Democrat Retribution Motivated Arrest of Progressive Congressional Candidate

Last week Samuel Ronan, a progressive congressional candidate in Ohio’s first district, was stopped by police,  assaulted by the officers involved and ultimately arrested. He...
McCabe Sues FBI

McCabe Sues FBI, DOJ And Inspector General Horowitz

Andrew McCabe has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department, the FBI and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz Tuesday alleging the Trump administration violated procedures when...
Remove Trump

Roger Stone: Illegal Attempt to Remove Trump Leads to Civil War

Trump ally Roger Stone believes the U.S. will face a "civil war" if President Trump is impeached by Congress on improper grounds.“If there is...
Voter Fraud

Fighting Voter Fraud: California, Ohio, and Virginia…

In the state of California, we have a voter fraud problem. Of course, the Democratic Party, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Congressman Elijah Cummings...
Michigan Speech Policies

DOJ Condemns Unconstitutional Speech Policies at U of Michigan

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice filed Monday a statement of interest against the University of Michigan in a lawsuit alleging the school’s...
Rosenstein threatens

Rosenstein Threatened GOP Intel Committee in Chilling Clash

By Catherine Herridge   Fox News   June 12, 2018 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to “subpoena” emails, phone records and other documents from lawmakers and...
something different

A President Who Tried Something Different

Reaction to President Trump's summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has broken down along the usual Trump-anti-Trump divisions. The truth is, it...

Why America’s Incivility Is a National Security Threat

Over the past few years, much has been said and written about the growing incivility in our country. From the news media to social...
FBI's Fractured Fairytale

Attkisson: The FBI’s Fractured Fairytale

Once upon a time, the FBI said some thugs planned to rob a bank in town. Thugs are always looking to rob banks. They...
FBI Informant Documents

Nunes Accuses DOJ of Obstruction in Battle Over FBI Informant Documents, Gives Deadline

By Chuck Ross   Daily Caller   June 11, 2018House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is giving the Department of Justice until Tuesday to...

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