Below, we offer our readers coverage and analysis of various individuals and events that influence public policies in local, state, national, and international governments. The institutions which affect governments include agencies, elected and appointed individuals, as well as outside interests such as lobbyists, contractors, and foreign entities and their officials.

The main objective of our coverage is to reveal and expose the hidden goals of both known and unknown officials. Many times, the real objective of these individuals is to alter public policy in ways and means that have negative consequences for the very citizens who need honest representation and protection.

We believe that providing insightful and thorough examinations of the people, events, and policies of governments will give you a greater understanding of The Deep State and its consequences.

Please explore the comprehensive content here and let us know your thoughts. We update our archives daily to assure our readers that they have the latest information about how The Deep State impacts governments worldwide. Thank you!


american threat democracy

The Real Threat to American Democracy

1. Antifa: The Washington Post's new slogan is "Democracy dies in darkness."  But most of the left either overtly or tacitly approves of the use of...
conservatives won law

How Conservatives Won the Law

By Jason Willick, The Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2018When I was a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley in 2011, the College...
trump war party

Trump Stands His Ground on Putin with the War Party

By Patrick J. Buchanan,, July 20 2018 “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Under the Constitution, these are the offenses for which presidents...
trump unconventional diplomacy

Donald Trump and the Age of Unconventional Diplomacy

By John Jay Carafano, The National Interest, July 19, 2018To be honest, it was hard to stomach the president’s joint press conference with Vladimir...
helsinki translator

Unhinged: Democrats Want Trump’s Helsinki Translator to Testify

At least two Congressional Democrats are calling for Trump's interpreter to testify about the private one-on-one meeting held between the US President and Russian...
World War III

Trump Calls Off World War III

By Patrick J. Buchanan, Town Hall, July 17, 2018Beginning his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, President Trump declared that U.S. relations with Russia...
putin claims clinton campaign

Putin Claims US Intel Funneled $400 Million to Clinton Campaign

Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim during Monday's joint press conference with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland, when the Russian President said some $400...

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