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illegal searches of russian facilities

US Illegal Searches of Russian Diplomatic Facilities Threatens Julian Assange

While many pundits rush to pat themselves on the back for being the first to postulate that the US violations of international law which...
GOP Dead End Kids

The Two GOP Dead End Kids

For his sins, Ross Douthat read two recent conservative books — one by Sen. Jeff Flake, the other by Dinesh D’Souza — and says...
Trump’s Elimination of DACA

It Begins: 18 Republicans Fall in Line to Oppose Trump’s Elimination of DACA

The number of Republicans that are speaking publicly about their support for continuing the Obama-era amnesty program for people who were brought to the...
New York Debates Christopher Columbus Statues

Not Again?: New York Debates Christopher Columbus Statues and the Explorer’s Legacy

One statue in the nearby city of Yonkers was decapitated, the head dumped next to a trash can.Another in Queens was defaced overnight with...
oust omarosa

Kelly Looks to Oust Trump Loyalist Omarosa from White House

 The head leaker in chief at the NY Times, beneficiary of her father's 40 yr career at the paper, Maggie Haberman reported yesterday that...
Kenyans Celebrate

Kenyans Celebrate Court’s Ruling to Nullify Election

NAIROBI, Kenya — The chief justice of Kenya’s Supreme Court, David Maraga, is a Seventh-day Adventist who refuses to preside over a court case...
Tillerson Deserves Praise for Rooting Out Deep State Apparatus at the State Department

Tillerson Deserves Praise for Rooting Out Deep State Apparatus at the State Department

Tillerson Deserves Praise for Rooting Out Deep State Apparatus at the State Department By James Jay Carafano and Mike Gonzalez    The Hill   September...
US Diplomatic Retaliation

Russia, Digesting U.S. Diplomatic Retaliation, Pledges ‘Harsh’ Response

Russia said on Friday it would respond harshly to any U.S. measures designed to hurt it, a day after the United States told Moscow...
Refugee Arrivals

Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals into U.S. Since 2002

Nine hundred and ten refugees were resettled in the United States during the month of August, the lowest monthly total since October 2002, when...
Comey Drafting Premature Exoneration Statement

Trump: Comey Drafting Premature Exoneration Statement for Clinton Proof of ‘Rigged System’

"Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over…and so much more," Trump wrote on Twitter. "A rigged system!"Wow,...

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