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Common Man

Death of America’s Common Man

Modern America’s obsession with self and success has killed off what once was an honorable American archetype, the Common Man, who was the nation’s...
union boss

How One Union Boss Managed to Outfox Politicians and Rippoff Taxpayers

Brian D’Arcy once told me his drink of choice was a pint of Guinness, and it tasted all the better with a shot of...

End Of The (Petro)Dollar: What the Fed Is Hiding

End Of The (Petro)Dollar: What the Fed Is HidingAuthored by Shaun Bradley via,The United States’ ability to maintain its influence over the rest...

Petya Ransomware Highlights Issues of Cybersecurity in Global Banking

Petya Ransomware Highlights Issues of Cybersecurity in Global BankingKristian Rouz – The recent global cyberattack, believed to have first struck Ukraine before spreading globally, dubbed "Petya,"...

Ryan Explains Why 22 Million Will Be Uninsured, and He’s Got a Point

WASHINGTON — Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday defended the Republican health care plan that would mean over 22 million more people would be uninsured,...

Central Banks Serve the 1%

Central Banks Serve the 1% Paul Craig Roberts,, June 26, 2017 The crooks who run the Western financial system set up the gold market in...

Cash Is Falling Out of Fashion: Will It Be Displaced Forever?

On June 27, the ATM turns 50. Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker once described it as the “only useful innovation in banking.”...
California’s Economic Suicide

California’s Economic Suicide

Last fall, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law requiring his State to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels. That...

Are Illinois and Puerto Rico the Future? Bankruptcy

If Gov. Bruce Rauner and his legislature in Springfield do not put a budget together by Friday, the Land of Lincoln will be the...
Single Payer Health Care

Buffett: Single Payer Health Care Is the Best System for America

Admitting that he's not an expert in health-care, political heavyweight and investment tycoon Warren Buffett is recommending America scrap its health-care system in favor...

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