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airbnb barcelona

Airbnb Faces Crackdown in Barcelona

AirbnbAirbnb faces crackdown on illegal apartment rentals in BarcelonaCity council doubles team of holiday let inspectors as rising rents fuel row over tourismThe next...
International Oil Flows

Pennsylvania Pipeline Fight Could Upend International Oil Flows

By Jarrett Renshaw and Jessica Resnick-AultRefiners from the Midwest United States are fighting for access to a vital Pennsylvania pipeline, a move that could...
Bilderberg 2017

Virginia: Where the Elite Meet, Bilderberg 2017

Bilderberg 2017 is Here: The Rockefeller/Rothschild Hub Meets to Discuss Trump’s PresidencyBy Arjun Walia   Collective Evolution   June 2, 2017“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the...
Cronyism Kills Capitalism

Cronyism Kills Capitalism

Cronyism is alive and well in the Swamp. “We The People” who resoundingly voted to “Drain the Swamp” will lose if the status quo...
Bitcoin Gold

Fiat Failure: Bitcoin Standing in for Gold?

Is Bitcoin Standing In For Gold?Paul Craig Roberts and Dave KranzlerIn a series of articles posted on, we have proven to our satisfaction...
Venezuelan Opposition Condemns Goldman

Venezuelan Opposition Condemns Goldman for $2.8 billion Bond Deal

By Brian Ellsworth and Davide Scigliuzzo(Reuters/IFR) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc's statement that it never transacted directly with the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas...
Economics Establishment

David and Goliath: Nathan Lewis Takes on the Economics Establishment

By Michael Kendall   Man on the Margin   May 30, 2017For the world to solve its economic problems, it needs to arrive at...
Trumps Plan Beckons Millions Work

Ex-Reagan OMB Official: Trump’s Plan Beckons Millions to Work

Trump’s Budget Beckons Millions To Work By Lawrence Kudlow   The Sun   May 27, 2017When OMB director Mick Mulvaney unveiled the new Trump budget, he used...
Venezuelan Opposition Leader

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Rips Goldman Sachs for Bailing Out Maduro

Venezuelan National Assembly Rips Goldman Sachs for Bailing Out Maduro By David Unsworth    @LatinAmerUpdate    May 29, 2017  Goldman Sachs has shamelessly decided to extend a lifeline to Venezuelan...
Global Debt Bubble

Will the Crazy Global Debt Bubble Ever End?

By: Of Two Minds   May29, 2017We've been playing two games to mask insolvency: one is to pay the costs of rampant debt today by...

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