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JPMorgans Dimon

JPMorgan’s Dimon Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

CEO and Chairman of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon has said he regrets criticizing bitcoin and calling the popular cryptocurrency a fraud in the past,...
Border Security Measures

To Pay for Wall, Trump Would Cut Proven Border Security Measures

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration would cut or delay funding for border surveillance, radar technology, patrol boats and customs agents in its upcoming spending...
bitcoin bubble

Bitcoin Isn’t the Bubble: The Global Financial System Is!

By Michael Krieger, The Hill, January 8, 2018Pretty much every article you read about bitcoin in the mainstream press ends up in the same...
Crypto Carnage

South Korean Probe Sparks Crypto Carnage

Amid headlines that South Korean regulators are inspecting 6 banks, including Industrial Bank of Korea, that provide virtual accounts to companies related to cryptocurrency,...
Americans Ditching Five States

Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers

Apparently surging violent crime, massive tax hikes and insolvent public pensions are bad for attracting new residents...who knew? On the other hand, 364 days...
Federal Tax Overhaul

Federal Tax Overhaul Have States Thinking Creatively

In New Jersey and California, top Democratic officials want to let people make charitable contributions to the state instead of paying certain taxes. In...
$233 Trillion Debt

The World Is Swimming In a Record $233 Trillion of Debt

Global debt soared to a record $233 trillion in the third quarter of 2017, according to a report from the Institute of International Finance.That...
Merrill Lynch Blocks Bitcoin

Merrill Lynch Blocks Bitcoin Amid Fear That the Bubble Could Pop

In what may be a prudent move, Merrill Lynch has barred customers and financial advisers who make transactions for them from buying bitcoin. That’s...
understanding bitcoin craig wright

Understanding Bitcoin: Flawed Monetary Theory of Craig Wright (Part 1)

By Michael Kendall, The Man on the Margin, January 4, 2017Craig Wright, the Australian mathematician and serial academic credential achiever, is widely associated as...
Regulate Bitcoin Mining

China Central Bank Prepares to Regulate Bitcoin Mining

Not long after bitcoin soared by over $1,000 in a matter of minutes, when it was revealed that Peter Thiel had invested in the...

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