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Trump Slaps $67 Billion Tariffs, Investment Curbs On China

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump signalled his intention to impose tariffs on US$50 billion (S$67 billion) in Chinese imports and curbs on investments in...
Rothschilds Control Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Creator Asks: Do Rothschilds Control Cryptocurrencies?

In December, the Rothschild family reportedly purchased bitcoin exposure, via the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, for the first time. They were not alone as later...
Banking System

Cryptocurrency Installed Into Banking System Will Allow Russia and Iran to Avoid Sanctions

Iranian MP chairing the Commission for Economic Affairs Mohammad-Reza Pourebrahimi has suggested that Iran and Russia could use cryptocurrency to overcome sanctions and use...
Government Contractors

Progressive Labor Law Is Forcing Government Contractors to Accept Wages From the 1980’s

In dozens of counties around the US, contractors bidding for government projects have encountered an unusual problem. Thanks to a quirk in a Depression-era...
chinas millenial backlash

The Quiet Revolution: China’s Millennial Backlash

By Yuan Yang   The Financial Times   May 21, 2018Faye Lu, a Beijing-based businesswoman, chose the Chinese new year after her 30th birthday to come...
Global Economy

How China Plans to Dominate the Global Economy: Copy America

Even if the ongoing trade negotiations between China and the United States don’t look like a “trade war,” they certainly can be interpreted to...
Energy Subsidies

Draining the Swamp Does Not Include Energy Subsidies

As a matter of policy, President Barack Obama set the destruction of the coal industry in his sights and was unfortunately efficient in executing...
US China Trade War

US-China Trade War On Hold, but NAFTA Still Far Apart

In what looks to us like confirmation that the US has officially kicked the can down the road, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday...

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