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bernanke economy

Bailout Bernanke: US Economy Is Going Off the Cliff in 2020

It looks like Ben Bernanke is a Bridgewater client.Recall that earlier this week we reported that in the May 31 "Daily Observations" letter to...
macron hostile tone

Macron Hostile Tone on Trump: U.S. Can Be Kicked Out of G7

If Donald Trump doesn't care about "being isolated," then G7 may be better being G6, says Emmanuel Macron. The French president slammed US counterpart...
save inner cities

How Trump Can Save Our Inner Cities

Street after street, neighborhood after neighborhood, we toured St. Louis over a quarter of a century ago, stunned by how many vacant lots and abandoned...
obama secret iran deal

Senate Probe Exposes Obama Secret Iran Deal to Buy Dollars

Seemingly not satisfied with airlifting billions in US taxpayer cash on pallets to Tehran, AP reports that the Obama administration secretly sought to give...
Rich New Yorkers

Start of Exodus of NY and California Rich After Tax Changes?

By Robyn A. Friedman   The Wall Street Journal   June 6, 2018The new cap on deductions for taxes, including on property, have people looking...
Mexico Imposes Tariffs

Mexico Imposes Tariffs On $3 Billion Worth of U.S. Exports

By Chris Isidore   CNN Money   June 6, 2018The U.S. trade dispute with Mexico is heating up.In retaliation for the Trump administration announcing tariffs on...
protectionism futile

Why Trump’s Protectionism Is Futile

By Tunku Varadarajan   The Wall Street Journal   June 3, 2018President Trump may not be a friend of international trade, but he’s a gift for...
left killing coal

The Left Will Not Succeed in Killing Coal

No matter how much the left has come to believe in its own delusions, for any reasonable observer, it's shockingly clear that the Obama...

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