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Blowing off Obamacare, Idaho Shows How

By Washington Examiner   February 17, 2018Congressional Republicans failed to repeal or replace Obamacare. But one state has come up with a way to get...
US Tariffs

China Threatens to Retaliate Against US Tariffs

China has threatened retaliation after the Trump administration received a green light to impose steep tariffs on aluminium and steel imports on national security...
Deep State Runs

The Deep State Runs the Show: Trump Is Disposable, He’s the Doorman

 Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. He’s brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When...
Minimum Wage

Study: Raising the Minimum Wage Hurts Teen, Young Adult Employment Rates

A new study shows that raising the minimum wage has played a role in the decline of teen employment and the labor-force participation rate,...
Budget Reforms

GOP Spending Bonanza Screams for Budget Reforms

There’s plenty to hate about last week’s GOP surrender on the federal budget. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, this nearly $300 billion extravaganza...
Exchange Traded Funds

Worries Over Exotic Exchange Traded Funds Deepen

Activist investor Carl Icahn and BlackRock founder Larry Fink have clashed over the merits of exchange traded funds, but they agree on one subject:...
deep state hhs

Deep State: Year 10 of the Obama Administration at HHS

By Andrew Quinlan   Townhall   February 14, 2018Somewhere, Kathleen Sebelius is smiling.When Republicans failed in their efforts to repeal Obamacare, we were assured...
Budget Deal

In Budget Deal, Republicans Just Raised Your Taxes Through the Roof

The true measure of the government’s fiscal burden on the people is spending, not taxes. Every dollar spent by the government must be raised...

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