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Digital Economy

The Evolution of Trust In a Digital Economy

To participate in today’s global economy, ordinary people must accept an asymmetrical bargain: their lives are transparent to states, banks and corporations, whereas the...
Subprime Mortgage Bomb

Is the Bitcoin Bubble the New Subprime Mortgage Bomb?

Just as subprimes precipitated a crash in the derivative, Credit Default Swaps (CDS), at the giant insurance company, AIG, in September 2008, setting off...
Fix Obamacare

Repealing the Mandate Doesn’t Fix Obamacare, It’s the Regulations

As Congress considers repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate as part of tax reform, some conservatives believe doing so would “fulfill promise to the American...
Free Market Electricity

Is Rescinding Clean Power Plan a Positive Step for Free Market Electricity?

Higher Electricity CostsThe CPP’s overall cost of at least $29 billion annually is three times higher than the cost of EPA’s Mercury and Air...
Obamacare Tax

Seniors Face Return of Obamacare Tax in 2018

The clock is ticking for the return of an Obamacare tax that opponents say will hit older Americans on fixed incomes particularly hard, costing...
Chicagos Debt

Massive Debt Obligation: Chicago Buries Its Head In a Sea of Red Ink

Chicago is in the throes of a New York-circa-1970s-style fiscal crisis. Abetted by Illinois' government, the Windy City is adopting one of the borrowing...

How Oligarchs Are Taking Over the World

PRAGUE—A few months before he first ran for office in the Czech Republic, the second richest man in the country made his way to...
Ditching Net Neutrality

How Ditching Net Neutrality Will Give Consumers More and Better Options

Could you bear to live in a world where parts of the Internet might be bundled and sold to you monthly in the form...
Republican Tax Bill

The Republican Tax Bill Is a Poison Pill That Kills the New Deal

Shortly after President Trump took office, House Speaker Paul Ryan could feel just how close he was to finally achieving the goal he and...

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