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Real War

How Trump Could Stumble From a Trade War Into a Real War With China

Having just returned from a week in China in which I had the opportunity to talk directly—and listen!—to all of its leaders beneath President...
dollar denominated system

Dollar Dominated Financial System Will Fall Apart

It’s our currency, but it’s your problem.– U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connelly to European Finance Ministers, 1971Today’s post will cover a topic that consumed...
stable value cryptocurrency

Basis: New Stable Value Cryptocurrency Wants to Replace Bitcoin

By Zoe Bernard   Business Insider   April 19, 2018A cryptocurrency venture from three Princeton graduates has captured the attention of Silicon Valley.On Wednesday,...
Californias Swamp

California’s Swamp Is Equally Deep

By Hank Adler   Townhall   April 19, 2018The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that the California Franchise Tax Board (CFTB) has reported that about one million...

The Cost of ‘The Resistance’ For California Is $12 Billion

If you’re an old-timer like me, cast your mind back to the tax reform of 1986, which was passed on a bipartisan basis, because...

Pensions: The First Domino Falls in Illinois… 400 More Funds to Follow

You’d be mistaken to think Harvey, Illinois has a unique pension crisis. It may be the first, and its problems may be the most...
U.S.-China Rivalry

U.S.-China Rivalry Will Shape the 21st Century

China is an emerging superpower. The US is the incumbent. The potential for destructive clashes between the two giants seems potentially unbounded. Yet the...
Trumps Economic Policies

The Federal Reserve Is Not the Enemy of Trump’s Economic Policies

Time and again over the last few months, Donald Trump has defied the conventional wisdom of economists–prompting cries of foul and dire warnings of...
Economic War

World War III Will Be an Economic War

There is a mass delusion in the mainstream created I think in large part by too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction....

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